LADRRS Incentives

From now until December 1st, More LA Smiles is offering VISA gift card incentives to Medi-Cal medical providers for utilization of LADRRS for dental referrals.

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The Los Angeles Dental Registry and Referral System (LADRRS) has been created to improve care coordination and communication among dental providers, medical providers, and care management teams providing oral health services for children with Medi-Cal coverage in Los Angeles County.

A referral management tool for children’s oral health, LADRRS enables medical providers to send referrals directly to dental providers. LADRRS also allows dentists to send referrals to other dental providers.

The tool assists in scheduling children’s dental appointments while facilitating communication, effective information sharing, and care management among providers and delivery systems.

What It Does

Dental and medical providers and clinical support staff can sign up to access LADRRS through a secure web page login.


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LADRRS is a key component of the UCLA More LA Smiles (MLAS) Dental Transformation Initiative.