About the Los Angeles Dental Registry & Referral System (LADRRS)

The Los Angeles Dental Registry and Referral System (LADRRS) has been created to improve care coordination and communication among dental providers, medical providers, and care management teams providing oral health services for children with Medi-Cal coverage in Los Angeles County.

A referral management tool for children’s oral health, LADRRS enables medical providers to send referrals directly to dental providers. LADRRS also allows dentists to send referrals to other dental providers.

The tool assists in scheduling children’s dental appointments while facilitating communication, effective information sharing, and care management among providers and delivery systems.

The Goal of LADRRS

Users can download and print a treatment summary documenting oral care provided and referral information for patients/parents to take home.

  • Increase access to preventive services and promote continuous care for children with Medi-Cal dental coverage;
  • Document children’s oral health findings and provide a database to assist medical providers when referring patients to dentists;
  • Facilitate communication about children’s oral health care among dental providers, primary medical care providers and community service providers.
  • Monitor referrals made and completed along with other system performance measures.


More LA Smiles works in collaboration with a consortium of key Los Angeles stakeholders, including Medi-Cal health plans, professional provider organizations, and community-based organizations who are working to improve health care services for children.

Our Leadership

James Crall, DDS, MS, ScD – Program Director
Dr. Crall joined UCLA as Professor and Chair of Pediatric Dentistry in 2004 and is now Chair of the Division of Public Health & Community Dentistry. He previously directed two First5LA projects: the 21st Century Dental Homes Project and Children’s Dental Care Program. He has also served as Director of HRSA/MCHB National Oral Health Policy Center, and as Child Advocate for the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry. More About Dr. Crall ►

Hela Mor – Associate Director, More LA Smiles

Bonnie Shok – Associate Director, LADRRS Development and Implementation

Joshua Norton – LADRRS Technical Product Manager

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LADRRS is a key component of the UCLA More LA Smiles (MLAS) Dental Transformation Initiative.